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Bissel Panama favorites

2 Flexspoons on a wave

What flexspoons love


Cruising on a nice steep little wall. The vertical face [...]

Another Greenough Interview


A recent George Greenough interview from Wade Howard Photography

Greenough Interview

Mick’s Blue Spoon


Layup: 3 “S” on the bottom,4 “S” on the top,plus 4 staggered on the rails,then sanded out. . . the spine has about an extra 10 ,sanded/blended in.

blue spoon

blue spoon2

fin attachment

What happens when you hit the reef

reef results

Mick’s carbon spoon


It was done in 12k Carbon,instead of the usual 3k-a big mistake,flex wise.Also,did a fair bit of extra work with the fin box,as I’d left foam in the spine,as well as the usual extra layers building up the spine.I added a further 7 from memory.As mentioned,because of the foam in the slot area,I cut out the foam to the bottom of the board,about an inch(25-30mm) all round & glassed in a SOLID block of fibreglass with carbon rovings,then slotted the block to match the slot already in the bottom of the board,then glassed the deck as usual,& added the spine & rail reinforcements( only 3 staggered this time,as I considered it stiff enough-normally you add 4 staggered pieces of “scrap” carbon to the rails,& sand/tune the rails/tail area).

carbon flexspoon

carbon flexspoon bottomcarbon flexspoon tail

carbon flexspoon fin

Warren Pfeiffer’s spoons


4 spoons from Warren Pfeiffer in OZ. No more details. Major repair with carbon on the one on the left.

4 spoons tops
4 spoons

Warren Pheiffer’s fins,done in uni-dir S Glass rovings. Typical Greenough edge board fins and setup.
edge fins
edge fin
edge fin base

manowar Health Update


Mark Wessling, aka manowar, a few weeks ago developed a sore throat, chest congestion and fatigue that seemed unusually resistant. Upon seeing the doctor, the blood test was quick and decisive: Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). Mark was immediately hospitalized and his full-on chemotherapy begins tomorrow, as well as a bone marrow transplant planned shortly thereafter (now accomplished with stem cells grown from a matched sibling blood sample!). His hospitalization is estimated at one month.

I’ve been communicating with Mark for the last 5 years and he is the biggest cheerleader for flexspoons.

Here he is riding a flexspoon he built. Get better Mark. We haven’t surfed together yet.
Mow spoonin

Jonny onboard at the ‘bu

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My three Carbon Sisters


3 carbon flexspoons
My carbon quiver. 2 on right molded from 1974 edge board. 1 on left custom shaped and molded Velo shape with edges . All have hollow rails and fin boxes. Various types of carbon and epoxies used. In my testing at Rincon the one in the center is best spoon I’ve ever ridden. Performance is unreal with drifting, sideslipping and powersliding bottom turns. Super fast and maneuverable. So much power and torque it takes all my strength to control. Combines the outright speed of an edge board with the power(more) of a Velo.

Carbon flexspoon at Rincon